Claims Phone Numbers

At Leonard-O’Neill insurance Group we try to anticipate the needs of our clients. Claims are a part of our business and we want the claims to be handled in the most efficient way.

If a claim were to occur we have developed the following list of companies to contact. Please contact your corresponding company immediately so they can get your claim processed.

Most carriers want you to report it directly to them. This is due to their ability to expedite the claims process.

Don’t worry, we still get notification of the claim.

CompanyPhoneClickable Web LinkNotes
american_commerceAMERICAN COMMERCE877-224-5677Click for Claims Website
American-ModernAMERICAN MODERN 800-375-2075Click for Claims Website
ariinsurancelogoARI800-820-4506Click for Claims Website
cumberlandinsurancelogoCUMBERLAND (NJ)866-794-6398Click for Claims WebsiteAfter hours service 1-800-232-6992
cumberlandinsurancelogoCUMBERLAND (PA/MD)866-794-6398Click for Claims WebsiteAfter hours service 1-800-232-6992
fmilogoFMI800-842-0551Click for Claims Website
foremostlogoFOREMOST 800-527-3907 Click for Claims Website
harleysvillelogo2HARLEYSVILLE 800-892-8877Click for Claims Website
amwinsINSURANCE INNOVATORS/AMTRUST 888-975-4637 Click for Claims WebsitePhone option # 6
jmcorlogoJIMCOR800-431-0797 Click for Claims Website
ufgLINSURANCElogoMERCER/UNITED FIRE GROUP 800-223-0534 Click for Claims Website
merchantslogoMERCHANTS888-644-6680Click for Claims WebsiteNJ # 800-322-8608
mercuryinsurancelogoMERCURY800-987-2032Click for Claims Website
NJskylandslogoNEW JERSEY SKYLANDS877-365-8693Click for Claims Website
plymouthrockPALISADES/Plymouth Rock 888-725-9006Click for Claims WebsiteNJ #800-437-5556
PeerlesslogoPEERLESS800-522-7152Click for Claims Website
pennockinsurancelogoPENNOCK800-662-5182Click for Claims Website
progressivelogoPROGRESSIVE800-277-4499Click for Claims Website
selectiveinsurancelogoSELECTIVE866-455-9969Click for Claims Website
travelersinsurancelogoTRAVELERS800-252-4633Click for Claims Website
zurichinsurancelogoFOREMOST/ZURICH 800-987-3373Click for Claims Website1-800-527-3907